I don’t know about you all, but when I think about the leftover bits of food that are laying around the kitchen & need to be used up, I typically think of maybe a yogurt or 2, maybe a couple of slices of lunch meat?!  The last thing I would expect to see just laying around is every ingredient necessary to make a pile of cannolis!  WT..heck?  How I ended up with all of it, I’ll never know!  All I can say is check your fridge people..look behind the milk, you never know what you will find!  🙂

I didn’t have any cannoli shells, probably because I would never dream of making a cannoli  hadn’t gone to the store!! But I always have pancake mix..Soooo, yep, Cannoli pancakes were born!  Let me say that I think these are even better than regular pancakes OR regular cannolis!  Their flavors mingling together are a beautiful thing! 🙂


What you’ll need for 4 large pancakes:

Your favorite pancake mix..






A splash of Amaretto in the batter…optional! 

Good Morining! 😉






 The Filling:

1 cup ricotta

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup shaved chocolate or mini chips

1/4 cup mascarpone..stir it all up!


The Syrup:

1/4 cup of your favorite syrup…warmed up

2 tbsp. mascarpone..stirred into the syrup until creamy!




Make your pancakes.. make sure they’re about 5″ round, and not too thick! 

Let them cool!



Fill each pancake with a line of the filling right down the center and gently roll up the pancake.  Place it seam side down onto your plate.


Now you’re ready to drizzle them with the creamy mascarpone syrup, and have yourself a big drippy bite! 



~Enjoy!!  🙂

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