T.G.I.F!!!  Here’s a football game watching snack that will have your family and friends huddling around it, as they’re cheering on their favorite team! 

The best part about watching the big game other than watching The Cowboys  your favorite team beat some booty, is the food!  At least in my house..it’s “Who’s playing?” and “What are we eating?”  A football game is one of my favorite occasions to cook for..I just love the casual and relaxed attitude that the snacks provide!

However many of these you might think you’ll want..make more! These go faster than some of your favorite players when they run the field (I won’t mention any names) 🙂

Your line-up:

Pretzel Rods..however many you want, I suggest at least 150 😉

Bacon..one strip per pretzel 

Parm cheese…out of the can works the best for these!

Some good mustard for dipping (optional)

Some melty cheese sauce for dipping (optional)


 The play-by-play:

Wrap each pretzel rod with a strip of bacon..bake until crisp.  While they’re warm,  roll them around in some parmesan cheese! (I did some with Parm, and some without)

Proceed to serve and watch them disappear! 

Below are some ‘instant replay’ bacon photos for your viewing pleasure! You’re welcome! 😉

Cheese Please!

Wrap it up..they'll take it!

The whole team!

~Enjoy & best of luck to your team!! 🙂

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