If you’re a fellow food blogger, then you know all about that recipe, the one that you’re lucky enough to get even one picture of, because you just can’t wait to get the finished product into your face?!  And if you’re not a food blogger, then just trust me..this picture that you’re seeing here almost didn’t happen!  😉

You. Are. All. Welcome..because I literally didn’t think I could wait long enough to snap a pic of this sammy.  It’s SO good!  I didn’t plan this sandwich..it planned me!  🙂 

It all started with a totally calculated simple trip to Trader Joes..The doors opened for me like they were  the gates to Heaven, the light shined down onto the Fig Butter, then onto the Mascarpone..the rest is history! 

I now have a new favorite sandwich of all time, and this is it!  It’s to die for with it’s creamy, tangy, sweet, crunchy, comforting decadence!  I’m all out of adjectives, just trust me when I tell you..try it! 🙂

 What you’ll need:

Mascarpone Cheese

Fig Butter

Thinly Sliced Apples

Good bread

Butter for grilling


If you’re not in the mood to make a sandwich, this is just fine too! 🙂


Just think ‘grilled cheese process’

..butter both outside bread slices, slather the filling & sliced apples in between the bread and grill until golden & melty! 


Take a warm, gooey bite & feel the power of this sandwich..lol!Enjoy!  🙂


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