Gotta love portion controlled goodies, and the way they fool us into thinking that we can have less “calorie guilt” due to the small size!  Personally, I feel such a sense of responsibility to finish “my” portion, made just for me by the host!  It’s now become a matter of accountability and character.. my dessert was specifically designated for me and I’m obligated to see it through…after all, I have no self control am no quitter! 🙂

These little gems are the perfect ending to any meal. They are just the right size to satisfy, and something about baking them inside the jars makes them so gooey, and soft!
Thanks to the jars, we get the sinfully sticky puddles of cinnamon and butter at the bottom..not to mention the over-flowing tops! Kissed with sweetened cream cheese and Almond Joy bits!
Dig into one of your very own adorable jars as soon as you can!

The “before” shot..
What you’ll need:
1 mini mason jar per person
1 pkg. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (1 biscuit per person)
3 chopped mini Almond Joy candy bars (optional)
Incoming! 🙂

Place one or 2 Cinnamon Rolls down into the mason jars (cut them to fit if necessary) and bake them for 20 minutes, or until the rolls are firm.

While they’re baking, chop the mini Almond Joy candy bars (optional).
Dollop the tops with the enclosed frosting, and chopped Almond Joys and serve warm!


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