Not exactly sure how this one came about, other than maybe the fact that once again, I was faced with cleaning my pantry shelves.  Sometimes items in there have migrated together on there own, as if to tell me that they’d like to make beautiful food together!  Who am I to deny them a great relationship?  So I guess that’s what happened..I saw these 3 items together on the shelf and boom..Oreo Snowballs! 

They ended up being so yummy!  The marshmallow fluff was surprisingly easy to work with, I had these gems together in a matter of minutes, and my hands weren’t even sticky!  If you are human like coconut, marshmallows and/or Oreos..give these a try, they’re a winner!  🙂

What you’ll need: many as you want

Marhsmallow Fluff..1 heaping tbsp. per Oreo

Coconut..for the topping



Simply take an Oreo, use a tablespoon and spread a good size mound of the fluff on the top of it.  Roll it around in some coconut! 

Ahhh..that’s it! 🙂 





These seem too simple to be as amazing as they are, but trust me…they are fab!

BEST bite ever!!! 🙂






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