Well, my love for the teeny tiny never ends!!  Such an amazing way to enjoy just about any type of food you can think of, while always leaving the other hand available for remote gripping and/or fist raising at your team!  Sliders are the perfect game day or movie night snack!  And these sliders are over-the-top fantastic, if for no other reason than because we get to eat soup without a spoon..how fun is that?! 🙂

 I shutter to think that I actually considered making my own dough and soup for these, until I snapped out of it and realized that regular Pillsbury canned biscuit dough and some canned soup would accomplish the same thing and save me valuable snacking minutes, that I can use up later! 🙂  Score major points with your crowd and make a batch of these for your nex game day or movie night! 

 The line-up: 

1 mini cupcake tin (or you can just rig something and bake up little balls of dough!)

Some Pillsbury Flaky Biscuit dough..in the can

Your starting line-up!

Soups or chili of your choice with coordinating toppings!





Simply bake up your mini bread bowls..let cool

Slice off the very tops of then and gently hollow out the “bowls”

Warm up your soups and fill up your mini bowls, top them with some garnish, and start poppin’ them in your mouth!

SO adorable!



~Enjoy your Friday..ahhh! 🙂

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