Sometimes I laugh at my food inspirations, simply because they come from the strangest places!  This one came from my obsessive love of Fish Tacos combined with a flashback of being a kid with all my friends!  Sorry in advance you>> but we used to sit around burning the edges of paper until the whole sheet had such a cool look to it and there was a burnt mess all over the place!  Did you ever do that?  Light it, blow it out..light it, blow it out..LOL!  By the grace of God the house didn’t burn down and none of us went up in flames! 🙂 

So when I got the Fish taco bug in my head, I thought..Ooo, that burnt edge look would be so cool on the tortillas, while adding a great charred flavor and crunch!  I should also mention the amazing flaky fish and creamy-spicy slaw as well!!  🙂


These are so unique, and such a light, fun & delicious meal.  And they couldn’t be easier, so much bang for your effort buck! The contrast from the crispy, yet tender tortillas against the flaky fish and slightly spicy slaw, makes for the most perfect bite!   Add a squeeze of lime to top it all off! 😉



What you’ll need:

Corn per each taco

White fish..I used Tilapia

1 cup flour, s& taste

Some Cilantro for the top, limes & jalapenos..optional

1 bag of Cole Slaw mix

1 cup Sour Cream

Your favorite hot Sauce, as much as you like


Start by evenly charring up the edges of your tortillas until they turn black , I used the flame on my stove top 









Set them aside







In a bowl stir together the sour cream and the hot taste

Add the sauce to the Cole Slaw and set aside


Lightly dust the fish with the seasoned flour and shallow fry it until it’s crispy




Time to assemble the tacos..YAY!  Load those beautiful babies up, serve with some cold beer and chips!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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