Whaaat? Fried Cinnamon Rolls?!  Don’t blame me, I had a couple of leftover Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll dough balls calling my name just wasting away in the fridge, what was I supposed to do…not stuff them with cream cheese, fry them until crispy & coat them in powdered sugar??!  I think not..lol! 

Besides, it’s Super Bowl snack preparation week and there has to be a fried sweet treat on the menu! 🙂 


Just when I thought I’d seen every single possible method and recipe for cinnamon rolls known to mankind..boom, it hit me like a ton of butter!  Mmm..a cinnamon roll, stuffed with gooey cream cheese, rolled up &  fried,  so that it totally explodes upon bite impact!  Ahh..you’ll need a moment to compose yourself! 🙂



What you’ll need:

Some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Cream Cheese

Oil for frying

Powdered Sugar for dusting

Enough will power to not eat every last one!  🙂



Roll out a cinnamon roll dough ball, just until it’s flat

Fill it with a generous scoop of cream cheese! 


Just don’t put so much that you can’t seal it up  😉

Wrap the dough around the cream cheese and seal it tightly with your fingers

Fry them up in the oil..drain on a paper towel..dust with powdered sugar


Take a warm, sticky, creamy bite, freak out at how amazing they are, & then repeat! 

~Enjoy!  🙂


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