Before I go on, I just need to say that this is an off-the-charts, clinically insane, pile of so wrong..yet, SO very right, mammoth meal! 

If you are easily disturbed by grease, cheese, calories and an assortment of fatty meats..turn away now!  To be honest, I think I gained at least 3lbs just from preparing this manly monstrosity, proving my long standing opinion that fat can be absorbed through the!  🙂

Okay, well since you’re still reading this, it’s safe to assume that you love outrageous food, and/or you’re one of those people that has the self control to not run and make this right now.  Good for you, as long as you’re definitely not one of those annoying people that can “eat anything they want” and never gain a pound..ugh!  😉

I’m not going to sugar coat’s the deal..last chance to turn away!  😉

An Entire Bag of Pre-Greased Frozen Fries + 1/2 lb Mozzarella Cheese + 1/2 lb of  Ground Sausage in sauce + 1/4 lb of Marbled Steak Slices + 1/4 lb of Pepperoni + 12 oz Bacon + 1 Entire Head of Chopped Garlic + A Dusting of Parmesan, topped with Sliced Black Olives and baked until it’s  golden & gooey (all the meats were pre-cooked!)  Just pile it up and hoist it into the oven!

Are you still here? 🙂

Good, glad you stayed!  🙂 

On the bright side, if you only have this once a for the Super Bowl, that isn’t so bad!  Let’s face it, as outrageous as this is, the amazing, over-the-top combinations are worthy of at least a few bites!  So go ahead and indulge, it can’t be much worse than the dough that would be there if this were a “normal” pizza..right?  Just say right!  🙂

The cool thing about this, is that when it’s all baked up, it slices like a regular pizza!  The fries are the perfect bed for all the toppings, they somehow become one with the whole pile, probably from the extreme compression..haha!  

If you set this pile down in front of a bunch of animals guys, you won’t have time to reach for any forks..just go with it and be prepared to wash the remote!  I of course, prefer my pig-outs to have some pretense of manners, so I used a fork for my plate full  small taste!



My little!  😉




Ladies, in situations like this, I’ve learned to just own it! Be proud, we’ve birthed babies!!  If we want Pizza Fries..we deserve some Pizza Fries dang it!  Just act appalled at the site of them to throw everyone off, and slowly take your bites, as you proclaim how gross they are!  😉

Now go get all the stuff and make these, they are seriously SO GOOD!!  Everyone will be talking about them long after they’re gone!  ~Enjoy! 






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