Ahh, you’ve just gotta love the good old meatball sub!  Total food comfort in the palm of your hand!  But, for me, it always seems to be a wrestling match that I can’t seem to win.  Either a meatball falls on my lap, or I’m forced into taking way too big of a bite, just to avoid a nasty stain on my shirt..lol. 

This little twist on the regular meatball sub was born out of necessity, at least for me!  Even without the challenges of balancing sauce soaked bread and 3 cheesy meatballs, I’m a food to mouth hazard!   So I tried to solve that problem with this flavor packed mini version, that can be eaten with a fork, OR easily picked up!  So far so good..not one dribble or stain on me !  🙂


But don’t let their size fool you!! These flavorful meatballs are stuffed with mozzarella cheese, topped with crispy prosciutto, nestled down into toasty seasoned french bread and topped with marinara sauce and more cheese!  All baked into an easy to eat single serving, with tons of crispy edges all for you!  Umm..3 words>  To. Die. For!  🙂





What you’ll need:

1 can of Pillsbury French Bread

1″ Cubes of Mozzarella Cheese..1 per meatball

1lb Ground Beef

1 package of Prosciutto

1 egg, S&P and Spices;  Italian seasoning, garlic powder, & red pepper flakes…optional

Marinara Sauce..from the store or homemade

A muffin tin



In a medium bowl combine the beef with the egg and spices

Open the French bread ans cut it into a approx.  4″ square and lay it into the muffin tin.

Form meatballs big enough to fit inside each piece of the bread dough and add a cube of the Mozzarella to the center, seal the meatball tightly around the cheese


Place the meatball into the bread dough, and top it with a slice of prosciutto




Bake them until they’re golden and the meat is cooked through

Top them with some marinara sauce and some shredded Mozzarella and leave them in the oven for about 5 more minutes~!

Serve them hot & enjoy!  🙂

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