I’ve always been amazed by Baked Alaska, just the whole burnt top/ice cream concept seemed so contradictory & incredible to me!  Even though I’ve always been intrigued, I never allowed myself to even consider making one on my own!  All I could foresee was a giant melty mess as I fumble to assemble the whole thing!  And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what would happen..lol!  🙂

But I am a firm believer in baby steps {mental note> must watch “What About Bob”} and this idea is definitely a baby step in the giant Baked Alaska direction! 


These delicious little creations gave me new hope!  They are to die for delicious, so impressive & the perfect little bite after a big dinner!  Not to mentions SO darn easy!!  In 2 minutes these were inhaled created! And what a crowd pleaser..Ooo’s & Ahh’s all over the place!  🙂



What you’ll need:

Oreos (how ever many you want)

Your favorite ice cream (I used Vanilla Toffee)

Marshmallow Fluff

A kitchen torch



Grab an Oreo

Top it with some ice cream

Top that with a mound of Fluff

Torch it

Marvel at it

Eat it

Repeat!!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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