Do you ever find yourself stuck with rejected pieces of pie dough leftover from a recipe that they never made it into, and wish you could make use of them?  I always have such good intentions with those unwanted scraps, and end up saving them until they get gross, and then..out they go!  Well, I finally made great use of my dough scraps and from now on, you should’s why! 🙂

Check out how adorable these little peachy knots are!  And they pack a flavor punch! 

I figured Garlic has its knots, why can’t peach!  And they sure did live up to all the expectations of a delicious knotted treat!  The crispy & flaky pie crust holding on tightly to a sweet, jam glazed, warm and juicy peach slice is ahh-mazing!  Not to mention that they’re the perfect size, for enjoying a bunch few and not feeling guilty!  They’re so small that you’ll have calories left in your “bank” to dip them into some cold ice cream…yeah, that’s right! 🙂











What you’ll need:

Scraps of Pie dough (although, these are definitely worth a trip to the store)

Fresh Peach slices

Peach Jam

1 egg for “glue”

Sugar for a sweet & sparkly sprinkle





Roll out your dough, and spread an even layer of the Peach Jam onto it




Slice the dough into 1″ strips, 2 per each peach slice, make sure they’re long enough to wrap around the slice and tie a knot





Brush the knots with some egg and sprinkle them with sugar



Bake them at 350 for about 15-20 minutes, or until they’re golden and smell amazing!  🙂



Serve warm with ice cream and enjoy your little knot of peach pie heaven!  ~Enjoy! 




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