If you hear people poo-pooing Valentine’s day..don’t listen to them, no matter how convincing they sound!  Lately all I’ve been hearing is “You should be this way to your partner ALL year”  “Why should it be only one day a year when we treat each other this way” ..it makes me Ca-razzy..lol!  🙂

Let’s break it down!  We ALL have some or all of the following:



*Daily stresses in life 

*Ups & downs! 

So finding a way to make every single day fairytale-like is impossible!  It’s nice to have that one day a year to make things EXTRA special for our partner, the person who rides that wave of life with you everyday.. in spite of all the obsticles in our way!  So I say give those naysayers a big hug..they need it!  There’s nothing wrong with an extra special day full of xoxox! 

~Okay..On to some Sizzlin’ Kisses!!  🙂

Who doesn’t love a sizzlin’ kiss?  These are such a fun and easy way to jazz up a regular kiss!  First of all, how much fun are Pop Rocks?  Instantly we all become 8 years old again, and then combined with the romance of a chocolate Kiss, it equals pure magic!  Whip up a cute batch for your sweetie and bring on the giggles and sizzles!

What you’ll need:   

Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses..as many as you want!

White chocolate almond bark for melting

Pop Rocks..for sprinkling

Someone to give them to..like the people who don’t like Valentine’s Day..lol!  🙂


Melt some white chocolate

With a fork, drizzle the white chocolate over the kisses, and sprinkle with some Pop Rocks, let them dry!

Give some to your sweetie and wait for the sparks to fly! 

~Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! 🙂



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