Want to put some spark into your Valentine’s Day?  What better way to do that than with sugar, cake & candy?  These cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat, after enjoying the great 3 course dinner he prepared for you!  Sneak one while he’s doing the dishes, and then maybe share one with him later!  🙂 

The Pop Rocks add such a fun and youthful twist to the cupcakes, and you’ll feel 8 years old again, as you’re crackling & popping away!  The kids just love these too!  You can do any flavor combos that you like..they will all be great! 


What you’ll need:

Cake mix..your favorite (I used Funfetti)


Pop Rocks





Just bake up your cupcakes

Frost them & sprinkle them with Pop Rocks!



Share with your sweetie, and enjoy all the crackling, popping & of course..sizzlin’!  🙂

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