Do you follow the directions on the Oatmeal container perfectly??  I do!  Yet, somehow I always end up with waay too much Oatmeal, and I just hate to waste it!  Sooo, here’s a perfect use for all that extra Oatmeal.  Simply store your unused Oatmeal in the fridge and with this unique method, you’ve got a whole new breakfast the next morning!  🙂

Until now I really believed there was absolutely nothing left I could possibly do to jazz up either Oatmeal, or Waffles!  It doesn’t happen often but..I was wrong..LOL!  😉

Why you ask, would I even consider putting a scoop of sweet, brown sugared Oatmeal into a perfectly good Waffle Iron?!  Umnm..crispy, crunchy Oatmeal edges that’s why!  🙂  Not to mention all the syrup chambers little squares that are created in the process.  These are so good that I’m not sure if I can eat Oatmeal, or Waffles for that matter, the “normal” way ever again!

This method creates toasted Oatmeal, and WOW is it d-lish!  The outside gets caramelized & crunchy from all of the brown suagr, kind of like an Oatmeal cookie, while the inside is so moist, sweet & tender!  Top it off with pools of golden maple syrup and you’re in for a treat!  If you need want a totally unique Oatmeal/Waffle breakfast experience, give this simple yet amazing technique a try!  🙂


What you’ll need for 4 large waffles:

1 Cup of Oatmeal

1 Cup of Brown Sugar

1 Egg

Non-Stick spray

A waffle Iron

Syrup/Powdered Sugar..optional



Cook up the Oatmeal as you normally do, while it’s warm stir in the Brown Sugar

Set aside to cool completely


After it’s cool, mix in the egg







Add a scoop to your sprayed Waffle Iron and let it cook about 4 minutes or so (they take a while to firm up & get all toasty)





Serve with lots of syrup and dig in to this amazing new way to enjoy oatmeal!!  🙂


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