I always knew that I liked bananas, actually, I thought I loved bananas, but I never knew what true banana love was until this scrumptious creation found its way onto my plate and into my life!  What a delicious and unique way to get your fruit serving for the day.  The Panko mixed with the Coconut adds the most amazingly sweet and crispy crunch to the warm, tender bananas!  Until now, I’d never experienced warm, toasty bananas..they were so worth the wait! These are just too simple & amazing not to try!:)



What you’ll need:

One Banana per person

Equal parts Panko & Coconut (1/2 cup of each for 1 banana)

Canola oil for pan searing





Slice the banana into 1/2″ slices on an angle

Evenly coat the slices in the Panko/Coconut Mixture

Pan fry each slice in about 1″ of oil until they are golden on both sides

Serve them up as a breakfast side dish or simply as a fun and amazing snack!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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