Kiss me I’m Irish a chocoholic!  😉 Aww..what a combo, an adorable Kiss covered in lucky green chocolate, and golden sugar glitter!  So yummy, fun & festive, If these don’t getcha lucky..nothing will!  😉

These sweet and colorful treats are so s simple, and such a cute & tasty St. Patties Day gift-lette (a little gift)!  Bring some to the office, a neighbor, or just share them and create smiles!  Tell everyone that they’re good luck..hey, you never know!  🙂


What you’ll need:

Some Hershey’s Kisses

White Chocolate Almond Bark

Green Food Coloring

Gold & Yellow sprinkles




Melt the Almond Bark, being careful not to over heat it so it doesn’t seize up

Add drops of the green food coloring until you reach the desired green color!

Let the melted white chocolate cool, then dip and/or coat the kisses evenly, dust them with the sprinkles,,let them set up! Yep..that’s it!

Share them & enjoy!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

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