It’s a sad, sad day when you get to the bottom of a Nutella!  I mean, it’s bad enough that all the glorious scoops of Nutella are gone, but then we have to just sit back and toss away all the beautiful bits left behind inside the jar that we can’t reach!  For sanity’s sake, I close my eyes, toss it..and try to take my mind off of all the luscious Nutella still stuck down & around all the deep, impossible to get to edges!

But with necessity comes invention right?!  So I think I’ve found a way to soak up almost every last drop of that left behind Nutella!  I simply poured some cake batter into the jar and nuked it for 45 seconds!  All the Nutella totally melts and surrounds the warm, soft, gooey cake! Every bite is total cake-Nutella Heaven!

All you need is a spoon and some privacy!  OMG, this changes everything! 🙂


What you’ll need:

An otherwise ’empty’ Nutella Jar!

Approx. a Cup of your favorite cake batter!

A microwave





Pour the cake batter into the Nutella jar, lightly set the lid on top, and microwave it on high for about 40-45 seconds!  You want the cake to be fluffy & puffy!  🙂






Grab a spoon, your favorite spot on the couch & dig down into the warm, most gooey-est cake ever! ~Enjoy! 🙂

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