Happy Saturday!  🙂  It’s official..after eating these fluffy & creamy Nutella waffles, I’ll never be able to fully enjoy plain waffles again!  Ever since I started using my waffle iron to make everything from biscuits to ‘ghetto paninis’, I’ve almost forgotten that there’s even such a thing as a plain old waffle..lol!  In fact, when this recipe was created, I intended on making just boring plain waffles!  I really did, but I didn’t get very far, since I had to reach behind the jar of Nutella just to get to my waffle mix, I just couldn’t pass up the Nutella!  The rest is history, and here we are! 🙂



What you’ll need:

Pancake/Waffle Mix..your favorite

Nutella..everyone’s favorite  😉

A waffle iron





Simply prepare the batter

Fill the waffle iron



Swirl in the Nutella..about 1 tbsp, (or so) per waffle


Cook them until they’re firm, top with butter and/or syrup

Marvel at the beautiful Nutella swirls! 🙂





DIG IN!  ~Enjoy!!  🙂

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