Did you know that when Peeps hit 350 degrees, they puff up to about 3 times their original size?  It’s very interesting & entertaining! Thank goodness that Peeps aren’t living creatures, because there would definitely be some nut-job activist group somewhere, suing the heck out of me for abusing them..lol!  But the way I see it is, I’m simply finding pleasure in torturing them creating even more uses for these little guys,  in order to make them more fun and tasty..yeah..that’s it! Not to mention the fun conversations this pie will bring to your Easter table! 🙂

 No worries, if you feel even a tiny bit sorry for these innocent little Peeps, it will pass the moment you bite into this pie!  First of all, Sweet Potato Pie, in my opinion needs no real improvement!  I love channeling my inner Paula Deen and having me some Sweet Po-tata Pie Y’all!  BUT, add the melty, over-the-top gooey Peeps to the top of it, and POOF..now you’ve gotcherself a real treat!  Dazzle your Easter table with this super simple & super decadent one of a kind dessert!  🙂

What you’ll need:

A Sweet Potato Pie (I used frozen/store bought) ..but feel free to make your own..yum!


Enough Peeps to fill up the entire top of your pie (any color will work)






Simply bake your pie like normal and about 5 minutes before it’s done, top it with the Peeps!  Finish it in the oven, just until the Peeps puff up!  They will get all beautifully big and gooey! 🙂

 Let it cool slightly before cutting into it, just to give the poor peeps time to mellow out!  Taking this Puffy Peep Pastry out of the oven is quite a spectacle, make it part of the entertainment, and gather everyone around to see it, and say “WOW”..lol! 🙂


After you wait a couple of minutes, it’s super easy to slice up!



Serve up some nice, big gooey slices and totally indulge in some Sweet Peeptato heaven!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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