To be honest Elvis was all the rage before my time.  However, I do know that he was the biggest deal ever back in the day and there’s footage somewhere out there of my mom totally losing her shi..umm, ‘cool’ at one of his concerts..LOL!  But it’s his menu choices that will always stand out to me. Even though I’d never indulge in eating an Elvis sized portion of them, because dying on the toilet isn’t part of my plan..LOL!  But his legendary food choices sure are fun to use as inspiration!  😉

 Actually, other than the tiny piece of Maple glazed bacon, the chocolate and the Maple Syrup drizzle, these aren’t that bad for you..haha!  The combination of the banana, creamy peanut butter and salty bacon is so good, especially in one perfectly packaged little bite!  Elvis was onto something here!  Feel like a King and give them a try.  🙂

What you’ll need:


Peanut Butter (Creamy or Chunky)

Chocolate Almond Bark


Maple Syrup

Fat pants



Coat the bacon with some Maple Syrup and Microwave it until it’s crispy (watch closely because the syrup can burn!)

Hunka Burnin’ Love is Good, Hunka Burnin’ Bacon..not so much!  🙂




Slice the bananas into about 1/2″ slices and sandwich 2 slices with peanut butter







Melt the chocolate and drizzle it over the peanut buttery bananas






While the chocolate is still warm, top them with a little slab of the bacon

Drizzle the tops with just a drop of syrup, cuz that’s what Elvis would do!


For freshness, store them in the fridge or freezer..they’re super good cold!





Let them set up and pop a few one into your mouth,  and feel like a Rock-star!  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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