Do you ever find yourself in need of a super unique & fun way to mislead someone?  Something with a huge “WOW factor” that kids and adults will totally fall for?  Well, these are your answer!  Talk about a delicious illusion, these sneaky little ‘melted’ cones look so real, it’s almost scary to touch them.

But even the idea of picking up a melty ice cream cone, didn’t stop one single person from digging right into them!  🙂

PERFECT for April Fool’s Day, these easy-to-eat, deceivingly delicious desserts are such a yummy way to pull one over on your closest friends and family…lol!

In a matter of minutes you can whip up a batch of these adorable edible fake-outs, and provide endless giggles & smiles, while you single-handely, ruin the trust of everyone in the room!

~Good times!  🙂

What you’ll need:

Ice Cream per each smile you want to share!

Any Cake..already baked and still warm

Melting Candy Waferss work best (Hobby Lobby has SO many colors and flavors!)


Wax Paper

At least a few people you’d like to fool!  🙂



Bake up your favorite moist cake (I used a simple white cake for an authentic “vanilla ice cream” fake-out)

Melt the colorful candy chocolate Wafers..a.k.a. the ice cream!

While the cake is warm, scoop out an ice cream scoop sized ball of the cake, and smush it onto the cone with your hands.  Gently work it on there and show it who’s!


Don’t make it a perfectly rounded scoop, so it looks more “melted”

Lay it onto some Wax/Parchment Paper, and drizzle the cake cone with the melty “ice cream” a.k.a.  melted Candy Wafers, one color at a time, I did pink first.  Kind of drizzle it so that it apears to be melting mess of a Cone, just puddle it up a little…


…and then do the same with the Chocolate!






While they’re still wet, sprinkle them with sprinkles!

Let them set up for a few minutes, and then serve up tons of wows & happiness!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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