Do you ever feel like your Girls Scout Cookies just aren’t sinful enough?  Ever think that maybe they could have just a little more sugar, fat and calories?  Well, here’s your answer, simply combine a Samoa & a S’more and get a S’amore!  I’m always here to help..LOL!  🙂

If turning a Samoa into a S’more is just too over the top for you, at least do yourself the favor of experiencing a gooey, warm Samoa!!  The chewy caramel and coconut, with the slightly melty chocolate..Holy Lord!  I can’t tell you in words just how incredible they become.  I can only express it in moans and grunts..haha!  Just do me!  🙂

What you’ll need:

2 Samoa Cookies per each S’amore

Marshmallows (1 per each S’amore)

Chocolate sauce

Will power and a good friend standing by to make sure you only eat one!  😉


Slap a hot, melty marshmallow, drizzled with chocolate sauce, between 2 Samoas…and now you have a S’amore!

Just own it and take a big messy bite, you will make noises you didn’t even know existed..LOL!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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