Other than maybe the phrase “Shoe Sale”, I don’t think there’s another  spoken word that makes me happier than Fluffernutter!  Maybe it’s the adorable way it sounds, or the fact that it screams “party time fun”, but just saying it makes me feel like I’m 7 years old again!  Can you say it without smiling…hmm?!  See!  🙂

This dip is such a unique and fun change of pace addition to any party, or get together.  I mean, we all love the good old standbys of the typical Salsa & Creamy Ranch type dips, but let’s face it..it never hurts to add some youthful fun and variety to the occasion!  The combination of warm, creamy Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Fluff are a match made in food Heaven!  They’re total BFF’s 4ever&ever!  Once you sink a crunchy cookie or a salty chip down into that bowl of Fluffernutter love..watch out!  All of the self control that you thought you had goes out the window..never to be seen or heard from again!  🙂

It’s so cute to see grown adults get so excited about a childhood favorite,  you can actually see the magic happen as they take a bite and transform into a kid again!  Kids go totally bonkers for this dip too..it makes them feel like, well..their age..haha!  😉



What you’ll need:

1 Part Marshmallow Fluff to 2 Parts Peanut Butter  (either creamy or chunky is fine)

Some mini Marshmallow Bits for the topping

Some crushed nuts for the topping

Your favorite Dippers..cookies, chips, pretzels, crackers..etc.






Simply add the Peanut Butter to a microwave safe serving bowl and swirl in the Fluff



Microwave it for about 20-ish seconds, and swirl them together while it’s warm!

Top the dip with the Marshmallow Bits and the crushed nuts..

~Serve it

~Dig into the ooey gooey Fluffernutter goodness

~Be amazed

~Enjoy!  🙂


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