Dirty socks on the floor, endless hours of Dexter, and sports on TV..in between the constant flipping of the channels!  Falling into the toilet at 2am, because the seat was left up!  What do all of these things have in common?  YEP>>a long-term relationship..mmhmmm!  Luckily us girls are able to find, obsess and embrace the redeeming qualities that erase all of the above “annoyances” from our realities..LOL!  One of those redeeming qualities is the Sainted ‘Family Recipe’!

We may have inherited a giant 14 year old man-child, but most of the time he brings with him some incredible kitchen creations, that have been lovingly passed down through generations of other women who knew how to embrace redeeming qualities also..haha!  😉

Recipes like the Hot Diego!  No one can tell me where the name came from..although we have tons of fun speculating about Grammy’s past when we try to figure it out. 😉  All we know for sure is that these are one of the easiest, yet tastiest meals ever.

A thick, crusty slice of bread makes the perfect bed for a warm, spicy beef & sausage patty, soaked in hot Marinara Sauce and dripping with gooey Provolone cheese!!  Talk about tons of food pleasure for your effort buck!  This is one of those old fashioned “feed an Army on almost pennies” recipes…and everyone loves it!  Definitely give these ‘Hot Diegos’ a try, they will become one of your family’s redeeming qualities favorite meals too! 🙂



What you’ll need:

1 Part Spicy Sausage/1 part Ground Beef, OR one or the other is fine too!

(I always use the leanest beef possible)

A loaf of Crusty French Bread

Olive Oil

Sliced Provolone Cheese

Marinara Sauce..your fave!



Slice the bread about 1-1.5″ thick and drizzle both sides with some Olive Oil

On a hot grill OR indoor grill pan sear both sides of the bread, giving it those fabulous and tasty grill marks!   ..set them aside

Mix together the meats and form them into patties..as thick as you like them

Grill them up until they’re fully cooked

Time to assemble the goodness!

Place 2 Provolone slices onto the grilled bread and set them onto the warm grill to get nice & melty!

Top them with the hot patties, spoon on some HOT Marinara Sauce and then top them with even more cheese!  The warmth from the Marinara will slowly melt the cheese on top!

Grab a napkin and dig in!!

Make sure to save this recipe..especially if you have a son!  😉  Enjoy!

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