Is it hot where you are yet?  Summer is still a hop, skip & a jump away, even though here in NM we’re sweating like crazy by the afternoon! But that’s ok, as long as we find yummy ways to stay cool!  And NOTHING says Summertime cool like Pink Lemonade..right?!!!  But who needs the hassle of carrying around a glass, finding a straw and sipping for hours..LOL?   Not here I present to you an ice cold Pink Lemonade Truffle!  A one bite, pop in your mouth version of a tall glass of cold, sweet & refreshing Pink Lemonade!

These little gems will cool you down even on the hottest of summer days!  They’re kept in the fridge or freezer, so they slowly melt in your mouth and cool you off while you go about your Summertime business!  Let the ice cold, creamy, sweet truffle take its time melting on your tongue, and then be amazed when you reach the frosty yet smooth, lemony filled center.  Bursts of tart lemon wake up your taste buds and put a zing in your step as you’re instantly cooled off!  They don’t freeze into a rock hard truffle, they stay firm yet cold & creamy,,the kids LUV them!  Keep an icy bunch on hand all summer long they are SO good!!  🙂



What you’ll need:

1 box of Pink Lemonade cake/cookie mix..or Lemon cake mix works fine too

Lemon curd

1 cup..or so, of processed Lemon Cookie crumbs

1/2 cup or so of milk

Powdered Sugar..for dusting




In a medium bowl add the cookie or cake mix with the milk & crushed cookies


Mix until it’s a dough consistency and forms a ball..adjust the liquid amounts accordingly

Roll the dough into approx. 1″ truffles ..wet hands helps for this  🙂

Fill each truffle with some Lemon Curd, by injecting them or just poking a hole in them and filling them up



Plop them into some powdered sugar and roll them around until well coated






Into the freezer they go, until you’re ready to serve them!

The frosty chill takes these over the top!






Serve them cold..very cold!  SO refreshing & yummy!  🙂


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