Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!!  Just one more reason that  I love living in New Mexico!  Gorgeous sunsets, endless Mexican food..and super fun filled festive occasions!  Although I was just interrupted by a moth in my hair..eek!  Are any of you having this moth problem or is it just here?  It’s literally like a Hitchcock movie around here lately with all the swarms of moths!!  Anyhoo..back to these scrumptious rolls..lol!

Of course I felt the need to do my part in spreading the 5th of May cheer with what else..Cinnamon Rolls!  Sure, I could’ve easily rolled some yummy chicken up inside of a tortilla, or smothered a burrito in Chile (and don’t think I won’t be having my share of those) but if there’s a way to include chocolate into today’s theme, then chocolate we must include!

And not just chocolate, I’m talking a warm, moist & fluffy cinnamon roll dripping in chocolate, and dusted ever so gently with a spicy Cayenne kick.  Don’t poo-poo it..it’s one of the most uniquely incredible flavor combinations ever!  And not so strange around these parts either! One taste and they’ll become one of your Cinco De Mayo traditions, no matter where you live! 🙂




What you’ll need:

1 Can of Pillsbury Chocolate cinnamon Rolls (OR feel free to make your own from scratch!)

Cayenne Pepper..as much as you can handle! 🙂



In a muffin tin, bake up the rolls.

Frost them with the included chocolate glaze

Sprinkle them with the Cayenne Pepper

Take a bite..

Be surprised at how good they are

Have another one!


Happy Cinco De Mayo! 🙂

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