I could totally eat Cherries all year long, but they do need variety!  What helps us to enjoy something over and over and over and over again?   ….good old booze, that’s what!  Just ask anyone who’s been married more than 4 20 years..lol!  😉

These Cherries are definitely for grown ups!  ‘Go get some Candy & Cookies kids, this is Adult Fruit!’  Just saying that makes me laugh inside..Oh, my poor daughter..lol!  🙂

Ah, what fun these drunken cherries provide!  Not just from the poor unsuspecting tipsy friends & family that eat one handful too many, but also from the amazing variety of adult recipes you can get tipsy off of create with them!  FYI..Bourbon is a strong and powerful S.O.B..LOL!!  I may try a sweet Cherry Liqueur next time..for a slightly more classy, ‘adult fruit’ drunkard experience..haha!

What you’ll need:

2 cups of fresh Cherries (OR in a jar is fine too, if it’s not Cherry season)

1 cup of Bourbon

1 cup of Water

A jar!  Simply combine the water and the Bourbon in the jar, add the Cherries and let them soak in the fridge over night.  It will create it’s very own ahh-mazing Bourbon Syrup inside of the jar as they soak!  Then proceed to use them in some fun & delicious adult ways!

..see below!  😉

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve chronicled a few super tasty and fun Drunken Cherry ideas  here to get you drunk inspire you.

~Don’t hold any typoz against me..I’m sknacking onsum chrieez as i writethispost!  😉

Adult Ice Cream Sundae!

This cool and refreshingly creamy treat is made even better with the addition of the Bourbon soaked Cherries and a drizzle of the Bourbon Syrup!  When combined with a smidgen of Chocolate Sauce, you really won’t know what hit you!  Grown-ups only!  🙂

Scoop some of your favorite Ice Cream into a bowl and plunge a drunken cherry..or two..or three into the ice cream!  Make sure and drizzle some of the Bourbon Syrup & Chocolate Sauce over the ice cream too!  🙂


Put the kiddoss to bed and indulge.  What a fun way to end the night!  🙂

Or…stay up and have a Bourbon Cherry Mojito, yeah..stay up!

Bourbon Cherry Mojito!

Have you ever imagined that there could be a way to make a Mojito even more refreshing than they already are?  I haven’t either..until now!  The addition of the Bourbon Cherries takes this drink to a whole new level of fabulousness!  ~Rim the glass with some Raw Sugar and you’ll be in cool, drunkard heaven!  😉

What you’ll need:

Fresh Mint Sprigs

Raw Sugar..As much as you want, for the drink and the glass rim

A tbsp. of Honey to rim the glass

Sparkling Water

Bourbon Cherries & 1 tbsp. of the juice per glass!


Dip the rim of your glass into some Honey and then into the Raw Sugar.

Add some fresh Mint down into the glass with some Raw Sugar and mush them together with a spoon

Drop some ice cubes into the glass and add a few Bourbon Cherries, with some of the Bourbon Syrup from the jar!

Top it off with a splash of Sparkling Water

Sit back, and take the best sip of your life..what a great way to finish off the Adult Ice Cream Sundae..lol!  ~Enjoy!

And every good drunkard must pay tribute to our great Country.  So, pop a drunken sweet treat in your mouth, in between sips of your Mojito of course!  God Bless America~.. {{burp}}  🙂

Drunken Patriotic Cherries!

Make a batch of these Patriotic beauties and share some giggles!

What you’ll need for some silly snackin’:

Bourbon Cherries..as many as you can handle want

Some White Melting Chocolate

Blue Sparkle Sugar



Melt the White Chocolate according to the directions

Dip the bottom of a Bourbon Cherry into the melted chocolate

Roll the tip around in the Blue Sugar

Let them set up..

Enjoy all of your drunken treats..while attempting to sing God Bless America without slurring your words!

~Enjoy!  🙂

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