Good Morning!  I woke up today in the mood for cookies, which is strange for me because I usually don’t start craving cookies until at least 8am noon!  Since I like to consider myself a respectable member of my family as well as society, I knew that I couldn’t just start up the oven first thing in the morning and 12 minutes later be devouring a batch of warm cookies like a crazy person.  Well, I could but I’d definitely have some splainin’ to do!  😉

BUT, as we all know, when it’s “breakfast” anything goes!  Heck, want cake at 7am..make waffles!  Want beer at 7am..make Waffles!  Want steak at 7am..add eggs, and Waffles!  See how that works?!  This philosophy is right up there with the oh-SO-popular:  “Eat all the greasy fried food you want..just have some celery close by, and/or a Diet Coke!”  and POOF..a healthy meal! we are with a warm, healthy breakfast of Cookies Waffles!  🙂

Tender, fluffy and filled with gooey cookie dough..Ahh, happy day!  And no worries..I had a glass of OJ on the other side of my plate,  so it’s well balanced!  🙂

What you’ll need:

A poker face so everyone believes that this IS breakfast!

Your fave Waffle/Pancake Mix

Cookie Dough

Syrup & Chocolate Chips for garnish

A waffle maker


Just prepare the waffle mix according to the instructions..

Mix in some globs of cookie much as you want!  🙂

Make the waffles and let some beautiful morning sun hit them..gaze at them like a lover, tell them you love them..HAHA!

Drown drizzle them with some Syrup & Butter

Tell yourself and anyone who will believe you that “breakfast” is ready…




~Enjoy!  🙂



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