Wait..wait, don’t go anywhere..you don’t have to fry it, you can totally bake this Chicken!   And you don’t have to dip it into warm & spicy Queso Cheese Dip, you can eat them dry..lol!  😉 No worries!  But, if you’re willing to indulge, you’ll never have such a fantastic & unique way to serve and enjoy fried chicken!

Trust me, I’m no stranger to crazy fun and interesting chicken ideas.  There was this and this oh..and this!  But, I really think that this Pretzel Fried Chicken is my favorite so far!

This time I actually created Pretzel Flour/Meal/Crumbs.. and what an amazing, all-purpose, delicious addition to food it is!  I can’t wait to use it in all kind of things!  🙂

Not only did it make for a crispy, moist & incredibly flavorful chicken, but it’s potential uses are endless!  It crisps up and becomes this golden, amazingly nutty & super crunchy coating!  The perfect use-up for those neglected Pretzels!

If you’re feeling thin, make sure and plunge them deep into a puddle of hot and cheesy Queso!!  If you’re not feeling thin, then it won’t change anything..dip away! ,,like what I did there?  Haha! 😉

What you’ll need:

1 lb of Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast

3 cups of oil..for frying

2 Cups of ground up Pretzels

1 jar of Cheese Dip..any brand

2 eggs (not shown)

1/8 cup Buttermilk (not shown)

1 tsp. Caraway Seeds

1tsp. Cumin

1tsp. Chile Powder

S&P to taste

A food processor..or lots of anger and a rolling pin!  🙂


Process the Pretzels with the Cumin, Caraway Seeds & Chile Powder..grind ’em all up good!

Create a ‘breading station”..

Bowl one:  Eggs, Buttermilk, S&P, mixed well..

Bowl two:  The Pretzel Crumbs

Cut the chicken into approx. 1″ strips..

Dip each strip into the egg and then coat them well with the Pretzel Crumbs

You can bake them on a sheet pan at 350 until golden and cooked through…OR>

Fry them up in the hot oil until they’re golden and crispy!

Drain them, salt them…dip them deep into some Cheesy Queso!

Eat them!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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