So, I must confess, I’ve been having a love affair..with salt!  It’s been going on for years, and has gotten totally out of control since the inception of salted caramel!  If it’s caramel and it has salt on it,  I’ll put it down!  But as great as that combo is, it’s time to expand the salted – sweet phenomenon, and gently move away from just caramel!  What better way to take something to the next level, than with chocolate..Oh yeah!

This salt obsession of mine doesn’t stop at the mere sprinkling of a caramel treat..nope!  It’s so bad that if I even so much as see an interesting salt, I must posses it!  Grey salt, black, salt, flake salt, french salt, and now…Pink Himalayan Salt..YES, PINK amazing is that?!  🙂

When I saw this beauty sitting on the store shelf all pink and pretty..there was no stopping me!  it’s a darn good thing that it was only $4.99, or who knows how broke I’d be right! (I added one drop of pink food coloring to the salt that I used for garnish..just for an extra vibrant boost of  pinkness against the worked great)

My mind was instantly flooded with salty sweet ideas, but there was one clear winner..Fudge!  And not just regular fudge..I’m talking about thick, rich and dense Brownie Fudge!  Made simply with 2 ingredients, super easy peasy!  Did you know that you could make fudge with brownie mix?  I sure didn’t until I gave this a try!  I’ll tell ya, thank heavens for my laziness because once again, my easy culinary creation road lead me to this thick, rich and decadent fudge, worthy of a page long recipe, and hours in the kitchen..LOL!

The salt works like magic on the chocolaty brownie fudge and totally kicks up the intensity of the flavor!  You’ll never see brownies or fudge in the same way again! 🙂

What you’ll need:

1 Box of really good fudgy brownie mix, the one with the included mini chips & fudge sauce  🙂

1 Can of sweetened condensed milk

2 tbsp. salt..(Natural Pink salt is great, But you can color any salt any color..yep, it’s true..SO fun!)

A shallow pan


In a medium bowl combine the brownie mix and the sweetened condensed milk..stir-stir-stir..use those muscles, until it’s smooth & combined!

Spread it evenly into your shallow pan that’s been lined with parchment paper.  Wet your hands just a little to help you smooth it all out!

It will look like this in just a couple of minutes, I promise, keep mixing!  (a stand mixer might really help, but I don’t have one) 🙂

Pop it into the fridge for at least 30 minutes..just so it’s solid and ready to cut.  Top it with the fudge sauce and the salt.

Cut it up into little squares, so you can eat more..and savor the unique & amazing salted brownie combination!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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