Happy Sunday!!  🙂

Do you like fries?  Do you like Potato Chips? ..especially those rare & valuable ‘burnt’, extra dark potato chips?!  Well, here’s a quick and delicious weekend snack that you can go make right now!  🙂  Once the smell of these baked fries starts making its way around your house..you won’t be able to keep anyone out of the kitchen!

You’ll be lucky to get them out of the oven without hands big & small reaching and grabbing at them like animals!  Your kids will go bonkers and if there are men around, plan on making a double batch!  You’ve never had fries like these before!  The warm and tender fries are completely coated in crispy, dark and flavorful Potato Chips!  There’s absolutely nothing like them!   And they’re oven baked!  So if you totally ignore the fact that they’re covered in Potato Chips, then yes, they’re healthy too..lol!  Perfect for lazy Sunday snackin’!  🙂

I’ve created a people pleasing Potato Chip trio of flavors, why not?  That way everyone is happy!  But feel free to use any of your chip flavor faves! 🙂

What you’ll need:

Approx 3lbs of potatoes sliced into fry shapes (I kept them sort of thin, so the fry would cook before the chips would burn)!

3-1oz bags of assorted chips (per each flavor)..use your fave flavors 🙂

1 Cup of Buttermilk

1/3 Cup Flour

A food processor

Save all of the adorable little empty chip bags..they make a super fun way to serve the fries!  And the kids love it!  🙂

Your favorite dippers..ketchup, mustard, etc.


Process each chip flavor separately and put the crumbs into separate bowls.

In a medium bowl mix the Buttermilk and the Flour..blend well.

Create a Breading “Chipping” station.

Dip each raw fry into the batter and then generously coat them in the chip crumb flavor of choice!

Bake them on a sheet pan at 400 degrees for about 20  minutes..turning them over at 10 minutes!  Lightly salt them when they’re warm.  In my opinion, they do need some salt!

They’re done when the outside is golden and the inside is tender!  Let them cool before you tear into them..yeah, right!  😉

Plunge one deep into some dip and do what comes naturally..

I bet you know what that is!!

Make sure to share them..HAHA!

Have some napkins handy, turn on an awesome movie..and crunch away on these ‘healthy’ and delicious baked fries!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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