Well, if we use Peaches as a guide, Summer could be showing signs of coming to a close, and I must say..that makes me happy!  There’s just nothing left for me to take off, drink, or swim in, to stay cool!  But..the end of the Summer also means the end of my Peach supply!  This year, my Peach tree shared hundreds & hundreds of incredible peaches, and I loved each and every one of them!

Soo, until next year…

I can totally put them all to good use.  Since I discovered grilled fruit a couple of years ago, I took the idea and never looked back!  All fruit is amazing on the grill, but Peaches are one of my all-time faves!  They transform into something SO spectacular once that smoky heat hits them.  And then…when they’re topped with thick, cool Peach Yogurt..hang on to your hat!  🙂

For kicks, I threw some yellow Cherries onto the grill, just to see what would happen.  Holy Cow..they became a completely different fruit, plumping up, just on the brink of bursting with epic Cherriness!  Ohh Mommy. if you’ve never had a grilled Cherry before, step away from that computer..and go do it!!  Seriously, there are no words..go, go!!  🙂

What you’ll need:


Cherries..optional, but come on..you’ve got to!

Chobani 16 oz. Pre-Blended Peach Yogurt

A drizzle of honey

A sprinkling of Raw Sugar

A grill

Non-stick spray


Heat up your grill (indoor or outdoor grill is fine)..spray it with some non-stick spray

Slice the peaches in half and remove the pit.

Place them cut side down onto the hot grill and toss on the Cherries as they are!

Keep an eye on them, but let them get a char on them..they smell ahh-mazing!

Remove them and let them cool slightly..add them pretty side up to your platter!

Top them with dollops of the Peach Yogurt, a dash of Raw Sugar, and a drizzle of Honey.. to make them glisten all pretty!

Grab a big spoon and start scooping!

Remember to share…

Go grill up some Cherries..trust me!

And then it’s your turn to dig into that Perfect Peachy Plate full of Summer!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

NOW..we have one lucky winner who’s going to be able to make this & tons of yogurt goodies very soon with her case of giant 16 oz. tubs of Chobani!  And that lucky ducky is: Kacie Phillips of SavvySassyMe”  She’s adorable and has a super fun and inspiring blog..Check it out and send her some congrat’s love! 🙂

~A giant thank you to everyone that participated..stay tuned because there’s more awesome giveaways to come!!  🙂

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