Today is someone’s lucky day!  One lucky ‘Oh, Bite It’ reader is a Winner, Winner Steak Dinner!  Well, actually..the winner of some All-Purpose Spice Rub that’s just one of the incredible Spices in their prize pack, that can make a delicious Steak dinner!  Or it can be used on anything you’d like, even Popcorn..don’t ask, LOL!!

But, it totally brought out the most amazing flavors out of the meat, and turned each bite into such a tender, juicy, succulent steak experience!  🙂

Simply sprinkle as much of the All-Purpose Spice Rub as you’d like onto whatever you want, and BOOM…instant over-the-top flavor!

Take a peek!

For the Steak, I simply drizzled it with some Sunflower Oil first, and then gave it a good old rub with the dry rub!  ..That’s it!  The grill did the rest of the work!  Each bite was better than the next..seriously! 🙂

Okay..the time has now come to announce the lucky ducky who is going to be able to make this incredible steak, and SO much more with her amazing new Mystic Blue Spice Collection!

That winner is….Sarah Carletti!  CONGRATS!! Sarah also has an amazing blog called “The Ease Of Freeze”  ~Check it will love it!  Or her facebook page!  🙂

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered, and please stay tuned..there are many more totally awesome giveaways coming soon!  🙂

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