Oh, how I just love the one or two bite dessert treats!  It’s so much fun to take an over the top sweet, but large pie and make it pop-in-your-mouth tiny!  It’s SO super easy to turn an entire indulgent dessert into a one bite wonder for instant sweet satisfaction!  Not to mention that it’s portion control in its cutest form!  🙂

These are just PER.FECT. for someone like me because I swear I could make a whole pie disappear in a matter of minutes, one fork full at a time and not even know it..lol!  These adorable & satisfying ‘Nana Cream Pie Bites pack such a decadent punch, and offer all the greatness of the classic Cream Pie, wrapped up in the cutest little bite ever!  Rich, creamy Banana Pudding coats a sweet Banana slice, all nestled lovingly between two Nila Wafers, and then, dipped into what else?? ..Milk Chocolate..OH YEAH!

Serve them nice and cold for that authentic Banana Cream Pie taste & feel!  What a perfect way to enjoy all the glory of Banana Cream Pie without the guilt of eating too much!  It’s amazing how little it takes to satisfy that sweet tooth, in the yummiest and cutest of ways!  And as a bonus, you don’t need a fork, spoon, plate..or a table, just a napkin!

Little ‘Grab-n-Go’ Banana Cream Pies..do it!  🙂

What you’ll need:

Nila Wafer Cookies (2 per each bite)

Banana flavored instant Pudding

A fresh Banana (one slice per each bite)

Melting Chocolate for dipping


Make the Pudding according to the box directions, and set aside..

Slice up the banana into approx 1/4″ slices..

Smear some Pudding onto one of the Nila Wafers and set a banana slice on it, top it with another Nila Wafer and dip half of it into some melted Chocolate..let them set up!

Then serve those babies up…

Hurry and grab one of those babies for you…hurry!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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