So my Coconut obsession continues on with yet another coco-nutty creation!  I really thought that it was just a passing phase, ..umm it wasn’!  At first it was just a little bit of harmless Coconut Water, then some innocent coconut oil deep hair conditioning, all of that lead me to where else?..the kitchen of course!  🙂

Recipe after yummy Coconut after day, I became totally Coco-Nutty..LOL!  But this dessert is stellar!  Lime & Coconut are just an amazing combo, so tropical and fresh tasting!  Serve it cold for a sweet & refreshing end to any meal!

Just preparing the batter for this cake is incredible!  Not only is it filled with fluffy Coconut, but the cake is soaked in rich and creamy Coconut Milk!  The moist cake demands to be covered in zesty, smooth Lime Curd!  Let’s pause for a moment and collectively hate the word “curd”..{                     } okay, back to business! 

If you love the taste of the tropics, and fresh clean flavors, give this quick and simple cake a’s paradise on a plate!  🙂

What you’ll need:

1 Box of White Cake Mix

1 jar of Key Lime Curd/Key Lime Fruit Filling

1 cup of sweetened and un-toasted coconut

1/2 cup of sweetened and toasted coconut

The zest of 2 limes

1 container of Fluffy White Frosting

Enough coconut milk to replace the water in your cake mix directions

Green Food Coloring (a drop or 2) jazz up the color of the Lime Curd

A  9x9x9 baking dish..sprayed with non-stick spray


In a medium bowl combine the cake mix (prepared according to the box instructions), zest of ONE lime, Coconut Milk (replacing the water), and un-toasted coconut..

Mix well!

Bake at 350..until cooked through and golden

While it’s baking, prepare the Lime Curd:

In a med. bowl add the curd, a few drops of green food coloring and the zest of the other Lime..blend well, enjoy the beautiful color!

When the cake is ready, but still warm..evenly poke it with a fork…

Coat the cake with all of that bright & zesty Lime Curd..let it soak down into all of the pokes!  🙂

Swirl the Fluffy White Frosting into the Lime Curd, make it pretty!  And top it with the toasted Coconut!  Serve up a big, sweet & refreshing tropical slice…

..and take a sweet & tart, tasty tropical bite!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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