Gotta love a big bowl of Spaghetti!  Gotta love a big bowl of Spaghetti that you can eat with your hands!  Gotta love a big bowl of Spaghetti that you can eat with your hands, that causes a room full of shocked people to say “WOW”, “What the heck?!” and “OMFG”, yep..there was an “F” bomb at my house! ..LOL!

That’s exactly what this particular bowl of Spaghetti does to a room full of innocent peeps (for only about $1.00, I might add)!  This Spaghetti causes conversation, ooh’s & aah’s..and sheer snack disbelief.  Coupled with confusion, random whispering and baffled amazement!  All of those wonderful emotions that we like to inflict on our unsuspecting guests, right?!! ..RIGHT!  😉

These crispy, cheesy Spaghetti strands are so incredibly fun to eat..not to mention D-Lish-US!  Surprisingly, easy on the teeth, lite and crunchy..these make the perfect potato chip replacement!  You can flavor them up with anything you can imagine, but I held true to authentic Parm & Oregano Spaghetti flavors.  For kicks have some ‘Marinara Dip’ close by!

Put out a big HUGE Pasta bowl full of this unique, toasty snack for your next game day, party or movie night and you can keep crowds-a-crunchin’ for a looong time!

If you have little kiddos, you may want to record their reactions to this un-common, common treat!  SOoo cute..haha!  😉

Make it interactive for the adults and leave the Spaghetti strands long..hehehe!  Sit back and giggle at with your family & friends as they wrestle with that monstrous crunchy mound of epicness!  Soo much fun!

Orr..go ahead, be nice and trim those long strands so no one embarrasses themselves..Pshhh!  😉

What you’ll need for an Everest sized pile of fun Spaghetti Snackin’:

1 lb of Spaghetti

Oil for frying & drizzling onto the baking sheet

..a baking sheet

An enormous-huge-gigantic-monstrous serving bowl!

Unsuspecting family & friends

*Your fave Seasoning Blend for the topping!  I used: 1/2 cup Shredded Parm/2 tbsp. Oregano/Dash o’ salt..Mmm!)


Boil up a pound of Pasta (regular spaghetti) as usual..

Drizzle some oil onto a baking sheet and set aside.

While it’s boiling, in a small bowl, mix up your seasoning blend..set aside!

Transfer all of that hot & tender, boiled spaghetti to the oiled baking sheet to cool.

In a med/large pot, heat up about 3″ of oil and fry the spaghetti in batches. One lb of spaghetti took me approx. 6 batches..

Let each batch fry for about 30 seconds to a minute~making sure to flip that bundle over, so both sides get evenly golden!

Drain each fried bundle on some paper towel and sprinkle with the seasonings while it’s warm! Break it up into smaller pieces..OR NOT!  🙂

Transfer it all to a fun Pasta serving bowl and pile it HIGH for maximum Oohh’s & Aahh’s!  Serve it up with some Red Pepper Flakes for the daring and a Basil topper for effect!  Have a blast with this one! ~Enjoy!  🙂


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