The season of Summer is O-vah..woo hoo!  And now it’s Football Season!  The season where even if you’re not a football fan, you can still enjoy the best part of the game..the FOOD!

At my house no snack is off limits, unless it’s a freakin mess not allowed to be consumed on my. brand. new. couch!  Very difficult because no one in my house would ever consider putting a single bite into their mouths without the TV casting its angelic glow onto it!  Not a problem..uh, until it comes to Pizza!  PIZZA~the official couch destroyer snack of football season!  Messy, drippy, cheesy, Pizz-ugh!  Since the inception of my new furniture, Pizza has  been a living room No-No.  Yeah, I’m that shallow..haha!  😉

I was determined to keep everyone happy, AND keep my furniture!  So, it was out of sheer desperation that I created these couch-friendly Pizza Poppers!  And who cares, so what, mind your business, if it meant that I actually had to ummm,  FRY. THE. PIZZA. to do it..LOL!

Each tiny, hot & gooey, Cheese and Pepperoni filled crusty popper is the perfect one-biter!  They pack incredible Pizza punch, without any of the incredible Pizza mess!  Fill them with any and ALL of your favorite Pizza toppings and sink them deep into warm puddles of Sauce! ….TOUCHDOWN!

*Keep in mind, you can customize these babies!  Make a “meat lover’s”, a “veggie lover’s” can even spice them up with some green Chile or Jalapeno slices!  Stuff ’em with all of your typical topping faves..SO much fun!

What you’ll need for 30 Pizza Poppers & one clean couch:

Pillsbury Pizza Dough (thin crust or regular)

Pepperoni per each popper

Mozzarella Cheese 1″ per each popper

Marinara Sauce for dipping

Oil for frying

Parmesan, Garlic Powder & Oregano for sprinkling..OR YOUR FAVE BLEND!


Roll out the Pizza Dough, just until it’s even and cut out approx. 2″ circles.  I used a small glass to cut them out.

Fill each circle of dough with whatever Pizza toppings you normally like.  I used a slice of Pepperoni, and a chunk of Mozzarella…

Roll the filling up tightly inside the dough, making sure to seal it very well…

Fry up the filled dough balls in small batches, and drain them on paper towels…

Make up your seasoning blend and set aside….

Season them up with your blend while they’re warm…

Heat up some Marinara and plunge one of those babies in..

OR..make Mom proud and serve some up with manners…

Either way get that warm, ooey-gooey Fried Pizza Popper into your face..before it has a chance to dribble on the furniture!  ~Enjoy! 😉


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