SOoo, according to some pretty reliable sources, Football season is starting TODAY??!  I wasn’t totally sure of the official start date, because every year around football season my focus is on snacks, not the date of the first kick-off..LOL!  All I know is that this season, I was in desperate need of a new and exciting bread course/side dish/appetizer/football snack!  I mean really desperate!  I was so tired of the typical Garlic Bread, Cheese Dips, and multiple shaped seasoned dough balls a.k.a “Garlic Knots”!  😉

Clearly, desperate times called for desperate I deconstructed some basic ingredients.  Yep, simply by separating all the components of yummy, but typical “cheese bread”, it totally ‘up’d’ the WOW factor of ‘cheese dip & bread snackin’ by at least 10 yards notches! And couldn’t be easier! 🙂

You’ll be the MVP at your house with planks of crunchy, grilled Sour Dough Bread that make the Per.Fect ‘spoon’ for that sizzling hot, smoky, charred Provolone Cheese!  Each nutty bite of the toasted Walnuts is balanced by a sticky drizzle of sweet Honey bringing it all together like some cheesy and delicious winning team!

This play is a winner!!  Your fans will go crazy when it’s brought to the table still bubbling and sizzling away on the skillet..TOUCHDOWN!  🙂

This will become a new fan fave at your house, for the big game..OR as a fun and unique side dish/appetizer for your family dinner table!

I like to make it extra fun for myself by trailing that sizzling skillet of cheesy steam behind me, intoxicating everyone with mouth-watering temptation!  Teasing each one of them by making them wonder who it will land closest to.  Then, just when they can’t take it anymore, I set it down…next to my seat!  ~Winning! 😉

What you’ll need for a sizzling skillet full of roasted cheese:

8 oz. Sliced Provolone Cheese

1/2 Cup Coarsely Chopped Walnuts

2 tbsp. Oregano

Honey for drizzling (not shown)

An oven safe skillet

A grill pan or outdoor grill

Sour Dough Bread..or your fave bread!


Slice the bread approx 1/4″ thick and grill up both sides..set aside.

Simply place the Provolone Slices into the skillet and broil it in the oven.  Keep an eye on it at all times to avoid burning the house down the cheese!

Top the hot, blistered cheese with the Walnuts and Oregano.

Plunge some grilled bread deep into that sizzling Cheese…

Now Scoop!  Dig deep into that melted, roasted Provolone!

Make sure to drizzle each bite with some honey…very important!

And crunch into the best ooey-gooey Cheese Bread in the world!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

 {Adapted from a magazine article, I can’t remember which one}

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