So, recently the snack Gods shined their light on me and I was blessed with an incredible gift box from Frito Lay, bursting at the seams with snack goodness!  After I finished squealing with joy, I was able to semi-compose myself long enough to crack into the first bag I saw..The Sun Chips!

Ahhh, yes!  Crispy, light & crunchy Parmesan and Herb Sun Chips.  It was all I could do to maintain some pretense of self control and not inhale the entire bag.  Luckily I was able to put enough aside to umm…FRY THEM UP!  That’s right…I said ‘fry the Sun Chips’!

Oh Reeelax, I totally used them to coat some Cheese before I fried them…silly!  🙂

Did you ever think that fried cheese could get any better than it already is?  I mean, Fah-Ried CHEESE people, the pinnacle of all snacks!  I wouldn’t have believed it either, that is..until NOW!

These hot, ooey gooey Mozzarella Sticks are taken to the highest level possible with the crispy & flavorful, perfectly seasoned flavor of the Parmesan and Herb Sun Chips.  These amazing Sun Chips are packed with 6 hearty grains that form the crunchiest & nuttiest coating around the cheese you can imagine!  It’s amazing how these Sun Chips turn such a common snack into the tastiest, and crispiest fried cheese experience EVER!  Plunging each hot, and melty stick deep into some warm Marinara is REQUIRED!  I think it would actually be illegal in at least 27 States to not dip them in the Marinara..haha!  😉

You’ve GOT to make a batch for the next game, or any chance you have to get these into the mouths of your friends, family or willing strangers..LOL!  They’re life changing!  🙂

What you’ll need for enough Fried Cheese to keep about 6-8 people happy for a loong time (or at least until half-time): 

One full size bag (11.5 oz.) of Frito Lay Parmesan and Herb Sun Chips

1-16oz block of Mozzarella

1/2 Cup of Shredded Parmesan Cheese

4 eggs

Marinara for dipping..Ranch works great too!

Oil for frying

A food processor..OR lots of anger and a rolling pin!  😉


Add the chips into the processor and pulse until they’re a breadcrumb consistency..(you may need to do them in 2 batches depending on the size of your processor)

Add them to a large shallow bowl with the Shredded Parmesan and set them aside…

In another shallow bowl beat the 4 eggs.

Slice the Mozzarella into 4″x1/2″ strips…

Dip each cheese stick into the egg, making sure to let the excess egg drip off.  Then into the crushed chips, coating evenly.  Set them all aside.  And repeat a second time with all of them…

Place the double dipped and coated sticks onto a baking sheet and put them into the freezer for 2 hours!  (longer is fine too)..

Heat up about 3″ of oil and start frying them up a few at a time, making sure they’re golden on all sides (about 30-ish seconds or so) The smell of fried Sun Chips is beyonddd incredible!

Take a second to gaze at their beauty..

Serve them up hot, with some Saucey Marinara to plunge them into!

Claim yours before leaving the deserve it!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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