Even though Fall is the time of year for, Stews, Soups, Casseroles and Pie, ALL of which I adore..sometimes it’s nice just to have a quick little shove-in-your-mouth kind of snack.  A snack that still holds true to all of the classic comforting Fall flavors without ever needing to stand over your stove!  Heck..we all need something to snack on while the Crock-Pot is doing its thing..right??!

This simple little ‘coffee table’ treat is the best way EVER to snack those cool Fall days away..and you’ll never even have to get off of the couch!  In fact, with this tasty treat you’ll always have one hand free for remote gripping.  No pesky bowl & spoon wrestling required for this snack!

Reach into that bowl and grab a random handful, or put together a combo bite of your faves!  Whatever you do..do not, I repeat..do NOT allow anyone to pick out their one favorite goodie ummm..The Caramel Bugles {cough-cough}, unless of course it’s you, and then by all means, pick away..lol!  🙂

What you’ll need for this mix (feel free to customize it to your liking!)

2 Cups (one bag) of Caramel Bugles..they should be called ‘Crack’-les, yeah..they’re that good..omg!

1 Cup of Corn Nuts (not shown)

1 Cup of Fall colored M&M’s

1 Cup Candy Corn

Some Green Apple Leather Strips (as many as you like)

1/2 Cup Pecans

And anything else you can think of!


Add everything into a large Zipper Bag and shake….yeah, that’s it!

Oh, and eat it!  ~Enjoy!  🙂





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