You know when you bake an Apple Pie, or any fruit pie for that matter, and you get those oozy baked sugar, chewy-ish bits of leaked fruit that gets all caramelized to the crust?  They’re kind of hard to explain..I think they need a name, I’m open to suggestions! 🙂

Watch them being made right >>HERE!

Anyway, that’s my absolute favorite part of a fruit pie!  How great are those sticky little chewy bites..omgosh?!  They’re warm, gooey bits of Pie Heaven and are my inspiration for these cookies.  Gone are the days when I have to rudely pick away at a pie just to grab up those nuggets, my Mom will be proud..haha!  🙂

Now I can maintain a pretense of manners, since I have my very own caramelly, fruity, chewy & sticky Apple Pie Cookie all to myself!

These Apple Pie-like Cookies are made of real Pie Crust layered with sticky Caramel, and a slathering of Apple Pie Filling, topped with a flaky and adorable Cinnamon & Nutmeg lattice crust..HELLO Fall!

Each and every bite offers the very best part of an actual Apple Pie, with all of the convenience of a Cookie!  NO fork required..woo-hoo!

Seriously the best cookie I’ve ever had!

To. Die. For. Delicious!

What you’ll need for 6-8 good sized Pie Cookies:

1 Box of frozen Pillsbury Pie Crust (2 sheets per box)

Approx. 1 Can of Apple Pie Filling (just enough for a thin layer)

Approx. 1 Cup of Caramel Sauce (just enough for a light coating)

1 Egg..for egg-wash

2 tbsp. Cinnamon/Sugar

1 tbsp. Nutmeg

Flour just for sprinkling

A round cookie cutter..any size you like


Lay out a sheet of Pie Crust, sprinkle it with some flour and slightly roll it out, just to increase its surface area.

Pour some of the Caramel Sauce (Just enough to coat the crust) onto the crust and evenly spread it around, creating a thin layer of caramel…

Coarsely chop the Apple Pie Filling into small pieces…

Top the caramel layer  with a layer of the chopped up Apple Pie Filling, making sure not to add too much pie filling…

Roll out the second sheet of Pie Crust the same size as the first sheet, and slice it into strips…

Create a lattice crust (just like on a pie) for the top of the pie filling…DON’T do what I did and create the lattice on the counter, it’s not fun getting it on top of the bottom crust..ugh!  😉  Create your lattice on top of the actual filling, as if it were a pie!

Dip your cookie cutter into some egg wash and cut out your Pie Cookies…

Brush the tops of them with some egg wash and sprinkle them with the Cinnamon Sugar and Nutmeg..

Place them onto a baking sheet and bake them at 350 degrees for approx. 20-25 minutes, until they’re golden and firm.   Let them cool just a little..

Pour a glass of cold Milk and grab a warm one, or 5…

Open up and bite into the juiciest, chewiest, fruitiest Apple Pie Cookie ever…

And then take another bite! ~Enjoy! 🙂

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