Good Morning Foodies!  Sooo, did you happen watch Top Chef last night, huh..huh??

Did you see the ‘blind’ Quickfire Challenge, where every food item was covered in Aluminum Foil, and EVERY unplanned recipe had to be cooked in foil as well?!

It was SO much fun as each Chef’testant’s true colors were revealed along with each of their ingredients.  This was the ultimate test of creativity, execution, and raw skill!  Kristen was the winner of this challenge and earned immunity (She was my choice too), with her super genius Sponge Cake..yep, cooked IN FOIL!  I so would have done that too..LOL!  😉

Then it was onto the beautiful Berry Farm where tempers and lack of kitchen space made for an extra stressful Berry experience!  It didn’t help that each Chef was teamed up against a fellow competitor..good times!

But, it was Kristen’s time to shine for sure as she ended the night 10k richer than she started..WOO HOO!  That joy was bitter sweet as they said their good-byes to Danyele, who gave it her all, but fell short on execution…Bye Danyele!  🙁

Make sure and watch for my inspiration recipe recreations from last night’s episode that I will be sharing in a few days!


I’m so excited to offer you the chance to win a subscription to my ultimate favorite magazine, “Food & Wine Magazine” ~ For. An. ENTIRE. YEAR!  That’s right. 365 days filled with Food, Fun, Inspiration, oh and Wine!

ALL you have to do is simply comment on this post and share your favorite Holiday recipe OR favorite Top Chef challenge moment from the show.  One of you will be chosen by December 26, 2012!  ~GOOD LUCK!  🙂

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