Hmmm, where do I begin?  Should I start with the warm flaky & tender, Cinnamon Sugar coated Crescent Nugget filled with oozing Caramel?!  Or should I start with how easy these are and probably the most delicious and impressive thing I’ve ever made with only 3 ingredients?

Orrr maybe I’ll start by saying that these little gems are the best Snickerdoodle anything I’ve ever Snickered or Doodled!  In just a matter of minutes you can indulge in pure warm, Cinnamony Caramel Heaven..go do this, GO!  🙂

What you’ll need for 20 Snickery Doodly Delights: 

1 Pillsbury Crescents Seamless Dough Sheet

Caramel per each Doodle.

1 cup of Cinnamon/Sugar..blended to your taste


Cut out about a 2″x2″ piece of dough and wrap it gently and snuggled around one Caramel.  Roll it in the Cinnamon Sugar…

Place them onto a baking sheet about 1″ or so apart…

Bake them at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes, or until they’re firm and slightly puffy.

Let them cool for just a few, but these have to be eaten warm, for maximum Caramel flow…

Construct a nice stack of gooey Snickerdoodles so everyone can share…..

Don’t forget about yours though!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

 **SIDE NOTE:  Unless you want to play Hockey and use these as pucks, nuke them for a couple of seconds OR warm them in a low oven for a few minutes before eating them, just to get them gooey again! 🙂

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