Get ready, you’ll be seeing quite a few Maple Syrup filled recipes here in the not-so-distant future.  I’ve been using it as a main ingredient ever since I finally admitted to myself that I’m totally obsessed with it!  If it weren’t so socially unacceptable, I’d probably just skip the food and enjoy a nice warm cup of Maple Syrup with a Coffee chaser!

~I’ve even contemplated moving to Vermont..haha! 😉

Luckily for me I was able to come up with a way to get my Syrup fix that’s almost as good as just drinking it, yep..I added some Cake to the Syrup!  And by “some cake”, I mean just enough to cover up the fact that I’d be just as happy if there were no Cake at all.  But, I do need to maintain a pretense of sanity, thank you Cake!

This sticky, drippy, Syrup soaked Cake is so decadent, so indulgent, so down right obscene, that you may want to enjoy it in private.

And surprisingly it’s not too sweet.  Somehow the Spice Cake is the perfect balance for the rich Maple Syrup, I’ll definitely need Milk or Coffee..let’s not get crazy! 🙂

What you’ll need for your very own Syrup Soaked Cake:

1 box of Spice Cake Mix..or your favorite cake flavor!

1 cup of Maple replace one cup of the Water on the box directions!

A little more Syrup for additional pre-serving soaking.

1 cup of Maple Nut Goodies Candies for garnish & crunch…(optional)


Mix up the Cake batter according to the directions..making sure to substitute one cup of the water with the Syrup…

Mix until it’s well blended and becomes a gorgeous Syrupy thick batter…

Bake at 350 in any cake pan you have for approx. 25 minutes (depending on your pan) or until it’s golden and cooked through.

While it’s baking, coarsely chop up the Maple Nut Goodies.  These are totally optional but offer such a unique little garnish and a delicious crunch…I highly recommend them! 🙂

Top the warm cake with the Candies, they highlight all of that magnificent Maple flavor…

Serve up a nice sticky slice…

 🙂 An extra Syrup drizzle wouldn’t hurt either…

Open up, and prepare for a dose Maple Syrup Cake Heaven!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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