Go ahead and call me crazy, it’s ok.  I sometimes question my own sanity as well.  But then I take one look at things like this and I’m perfectly happy in my own little crazy corner of the kitchen..haha!

You’d think something this decadent, this succulent, this down right obscene, would be a difficult task..but NooOoo, it’s only the easiest thing I’ve ever made.  And that is very dangerous for the hips, but super fun for the lips!  🙂

~Eh..One. Won’t. Hurt. {repeat until you believe it..}

What you’ll need:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (2 per Bon Bon)

Berry Oreos (1 per Bon Bon)

1 cup of Melted Baker’s Chocolate Bark


Place an Oreo onto a PB Cup and Top it with another PB Cup…Cover the whole shebang in Chocolate and let it set up…

Cut them in half so you can eat more without feeling guilty…

And try realllly hard to eat only one per day..haha!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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