Yay…it’s that time of the year when we start planning for the great green day of drunkeness!  The day where it’s socially acceptable to start drinking at Breakfast, and not finish until we pass out in our Dessert!  The day when we can dance like fools, yell, scream and wear suspenders with no shame!

~St. Patrick’s Day~!  🙂

Wooo {burp} Hooo!  No one will judge, no one will care, and if they do, simply accuse them of not understanding the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.  If they ask you what it means..grab another drink and walk away disgusted, but walk fast before they ask you to explain it to them..haha! 🙂

These Brownies are everything you want in your St. Patrick’s Day treat:  Chocolate, Green, and BOOZE!

Eat enough of these thick, decadent and rich Irish Cream soaked Brownies, and before you know it, everyone will actually start looking good in Green..haha!

What you’ll need for 8-10 servings of Boozy Brownies:

1 box of your fave Brownie Mix

6-8 mini Bailey’s Irish Cream bottles (depending on the size of your pan)

White Frosting

A few drops of Green food coloring (unless you can find Green Frosting)

Mini Chocolate Chips

A skewer or any sharp tool to poke a hole into the Bailey’s Bottle


Bake up the Brownies according to the box directions.  Let them cool.

Carefully poke a decent hole into the top of each tiny Bailey’s bottle.  I was able to do this myself (I didn’t need a man..lol)~ it was no problem with a stainless steel skewer.

Mix up the Frosting with some Green Food Coloring…

Give the Brownies a nice Green Frosting layer…

Sprinkle the top with some Chocolate Chips.

Now tip those bottles over and start evenly “poking” the Brownies with them, gently pushing the bottles securely into the Brownies!

Leave the bottles in so they can work their magic and releases the booze slowly into the Brownies for ultimate absorption!  Some of the booze will stay in the bottles, and that’s a good thing.  It makes for a fun, interactive (and yummy) Brownie experience when you drizzle it all over your serving!

~And, it looks super fun too, perfect for a party!! 🙂

Serve these up, sit back and watch the reactions…

What a showstopper when everyone starts pulling out the bottles…

Nothing like a Dessert and a Cocktail all in one!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day~~CHEERS!  🙂



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