Okay, so I totally pride myself on the fact that I come up with 99.9% of my own recipes here.  HOWEVER…I saw this “Cake” and it literally invaded my brain, I knew I had to make it mine so I could rest..lol!  It’s just too unique & amazing to not create and share with you…so here we are!

First of all, it’s a super fun way to enjoy Cookies.

Second of all, how cool is it that you put it in the Fridge overnight and by the next day, those Cookies are soft like a cake and you can totally slice it..Like. A. Cake! ~Awesome!

~Ahhh…I just love unique crap like this~~hahaha!  😉

What you’ll need (amounts will vary depending on your patience level, and that’s just fine!)

A bunch of Chocolate Chip Cookies (I used 2 rolls of Pillsbury Choc. Chip Cookie Dough)!!

**SIDE NOTE**  By “a bunch of Cookies” I mean it all depends on how high, even and straight you want your cake to turn out!  I quickly realized that to make this look any better than it does, like the “Martha Stewart Original”, I would’ve needed a Math Degree with a Minor in Engineering and a PHD in Science…I’m still laughing at the thought!

So I settled for “Rustic”  a.k.a…..ugly?!  LOL! ~~No one cared!  🙂

I find that the bake-at-home Cookies work best for slicing the next day, as they get softer.  But you can buy them pre-made as well for a more sturdy slice!

1 tub of Cool Whip (4 cups)

1 (8 oz.) Mascarpone Cheese

2 tbsp. Sugar

Mini Chocolate Chips for garnish..optional

A round cake plate

A fridge..and one night of sleep!


In a medium bowl mix the Sugar, Cool Whip & Mascarpone until fluffy and smooth..I used an electric hand mixer…

Now start layering.  One row of Cookies and a generous, yet careful layer of Cream at a time~!  Keep going as high as you want and top it with some Cream and Chocolate Chips for pretty!

Now, it’s into the fridge overnight to set up and become “slice-able”…

Take it out when you’re ready to serve it and slice it up like any other Cake, it’s deliciously strange how it turns into “Cake” overnight…

Grab a slice and a plate, and some Milk.  Top with some Whipped Cream if you’d like it extra pretty (I let the Cookie layers show)! 🙂

Marvel at it & dig in…be amazed! ~Enjoy! 🙂

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