SOoo, what do you do when you find yourself with tons of extra JELLO Vanilla Pudding?  Do you break out your best Bill Cosby impression and have some laughs?  Do you grab a spoonful of it and start chasing family members around the house..begging them to eat it (I’ve done! you add some Chocolate Sauce, & Sprinkles..and turn that pudding into icy cold & refreshing Pudding Pops?!  🙂

Not just any pudding pops.  I’m talking about ‘Boston Cream’ Pudding Pops!  Thick and Creamy Vanilla Pudding, that freezes and becomes one with glorious gobs of rich Chocolate Sauce that swirl around it!


Topped with chocolate Sprinkles just to drive home their awesomeness, you know..just in case there was any doubt!

Bring on Summer!  🙂

What you’ll need:

1 Box of JELLO instant Vanilla Pudding

Hot Fudge Sauce..(store bought..or homemade)

Chocolate Sprinkles

Popsicle Molds..or small glasses

Stick or Spoons..for the handles!

A freezer!  😉


Prepare the JELLO Pudding according to the box instructions..let it cool

Swirl some of the Chocolate Sauce around the inside of your Popsicle mold/glass

Add some sprinkles to the bottom of the molds

Pour the Jello Pudding almost up to the top

Insert a stick or spoon into the Pop

Freeze those babies!

Run the mold under some water for a few seconds to release the deliciousness!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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