One of the many fun things about having kids is that you get to become a kid all over again!  That’s a great thing until you realize that you pretty much go through school twice.  But, aside from that, it also means laughs, sleep overs on Saturday nights and lots of fun snacking going on!

When my daughter has sleep overs, we know that means lots of Pizza, and tons of candy!  Sooo at the last {not-so-much-sleep}-over, I decided to switch things up and serve them a super delicious, super fun & wholesome snack.  Something I could feel good about serving them, that would balance out some of the other junk!

I decided to make up a delicious Cake Batter Fondue that cold be easily scooped up by chunks of Quaker Big Chewy Granola Bars.  And when I say big, I mean 60% bigger than the prior recipe~60% BIGGER!  And bigger is totally better when it comes to these satisfying whole grain Quaker Chocolate Granola Bars.  Not only are they BIG, but they’re filled with Quaker Oats, stuffed with real Chocolate Chips and covered in a decadent Chocolate Drizzle.  Perfect for plunging into a thick, creamy and amazing Cake Batter Fondue!

Each wholesome bite gave all of the girls enough fuel to spend the entire night snacking as they grabbed those bars, dunked, dipped and giggled the night away.

What you’ll need for a fun night of snacking:


Quaker Big Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (as many as you’d like, I suggest LOTS) You can find them >HERE<

For the Cake Batter Fondue (makes 2-1/2 cups): 

2/3 cup Milk

1 cup of Funfetti Cake Mix (dry)

2oz. Cream Cheese..1/4 of an 8oz. block

1-6o. container of Vanilla Yogurt

1-7oz container of Marshmallow Fluff

Sprinkles and Choc. Chips for taste


In a medium pot warm up the Milk and mix in the cake Mix until it’s well blended and smooth.

Stir in all of the other ingredients, other than the garnish.  Mix well until smooth.

Transfer the dip to your Fondue Pot, top it with a garnish of chocolate Chips and Sprinkles.

Cut the Granola Bars into thirds and start dipping!

Everyone will love each and every decadent and wholesome bite!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


1. Compensation was provided by Quaker via AOL Media.

2. The opinions expressed herein, are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Quaker.



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